Duration: 3 Days 2 Night
Location: Bangka Belitung
Price: By E-mail

Day 1   : Tour Belitung Timur

  • Arrive at the airport HAS. Hananddjoeddin Team we will pick you up
  • Then we will invite you to savour a welcome Belitung food – Noodles Atep + Orange Ice Lock
  • After that we’ll start the tour program After you enjoy the Atep Noodles you will beinvited towards the East Belitung, journey will be taken approximately one and a half hours from the city of Tanjung Pandan, tour begins you will be invited to see the Temple of Kwan in the Netherlands since the era and built a beach Bird Bath
  • Then you will be invited from our team to the city of the famous city of Manggar 1001 coffee shop
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in the town of Manggar
  • After that you will enjoy the uniqueness of the city below us manggar, the tour thenwe will go to Mosium Hiranata and Andre Said SD Replica Laskar Pelangi
  • After visiting Repelika SD Laskar Pelangi, we will return to Tanjung Pandan and you will be invited to the seaside suburb of Cape Pendam to enjoy the sunset and relax, then return to the Hotel for a short beristirat
  • Dinner at a local restaurant in Tanjung Pandan
  • Check in to the hotel, Istirhat/free time


Day 2 :  Island Hopping

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • We will take you to the beach more or less Siambul Tajung is 27 km from Tanjung Pandan
  • Arriving at the docks of Cape Siambul, Boat/fishing boat from our team will welcome you and get ready to Tour Island Hopping
  • Island Hopping tour begins we will be headed to the island the lighthouse tower which there is Galangal from time Netherlands (1882) and enjoy the beautiful scenerywhile performing activities swimming, Snorkeling Reef and trumbu while looking atplaying with colorful ornamental fish etc.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant on the island of Javanese poetry while resting and enjoying views of the sea are decorated rocks towering granite, then you’re going to see adesert island/Gusong sand sea stars are great once you are satisfied you we’re heading to stone Island Yachting, for those of you who take a hobby may be the most interesting place here
  • After you are satisfied you will we invite back to the beaches of Cape Siambul, Thenwe invite you to see the Cape High, also known as Laskar Pelangi Beach with views of the beach, with Granite rocks and sea water jenih
  • After that we invite you relax enjoy a Coffee break at the beach Hill Berahu
  • Dinner at a local restaurant in town Tajung Pandan
  • Our tour will return to the Hotel, rest/free time


Day 3 : Hari Ketiga – City Tour dan Tranfer Out

  • Breakfast at the hotel, Check out hotel
  • Then you will visit Moseum, we invite custom homes Belitung, Lake Blue Lake/Kaolinand our Team will drive you to the airport
  • The tour is completed. Thank you and see you Again


Already Included In The Package (Include Package)

  1. Quick Ship Express ticket Nautical/boat slow
  2. Car Transportation (Air Conditioning)
  3. Halal food for Tours
  4. Hotel/Resort Accommodations 2 nights (Air Conditioning)
  5. Guide/Guide
  6. Boat Glass (Glass Boat Buttom)/SpeebBoat
  7. Snorekling
  8. Intsruktur Professional snorekling
  9. Tools Of Snorkeling (Mask, Fins, LifeJacket)
  10. Insurance
  11. Pretty Souvenirs
  12. Photo Documentation
  13. Mineral water during tours



  1. Tickets + Airport tax
  2. Events outside the itinerary
  3. Purposes of personal
  4. High Season Surcharge



  1. The payment of the Down Payment of 20%
  2. Payment can be done when the pick-up at airports
  3. Tours are flexible (can be conditioned on demand)
  4. In case of cancellation the Down Payment from the party guests who have already deposited will be returned:
    ∗   If the rihlah Sumatra have not made Hotel booking
    ∗∗ If the rihlah Sumatra already Hotel booking down payment refunded deducted money booking hotels by attaching proof official
  5. Travel party may at any time cancel the trip if there is one thing that is beyond our power