Duration: 4 days 3 night
Location: Lombok
Price: By E-Mail

Day 1 :  Sasak TourWelcome Lombok – Sasak Traditional Tour 

  • Arrive in Lombok International Airport, our representative to welcome you with a Welcoming Scarf Garland/Pengalungan the typical Shawl Lombok then you will be invited to continue the trip Sasak Traditional Tour, an ideal route to navigate the hidden paradise on the South Coast is also the uniqueness of the traditions and customs of the Sasak became the native residents of the island
  • The first is the tourist village of Sade Rambitan traditional village which is firmly held the Customs and traditions of the tribes in maintaining the architecture of the building
  • After witnessing the uniqueness of the village are satisfied, proceed towards Lombok’s Kuta Beach which is one of the most beautiful and natural beaches on the island of Lombok and witnessed the beauty of the beach of Tanjung Aan other which is approximately 5 Km from Kuta Beach, a beach with white sand that is so enchanting and cleanliness of its crystal-clear water
  • Next we will go to the village of Banyumulek, namely the Pottery craftsmen village on Lombok where you will find local women produce pottery of materials and a very simple way that is able to attract the attention of many foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists
  • Next is the Sukarara Village a village became the Centre of the craft of weaving and Double Ikat Native Sasak
  • The event this day ends with a dinner of chicken Grilled Taliwang which is the typical cuisine of Lombok
  • Back to the hotel and free time


 Day 2 : Gili Trawangan – Bukit Pusuk Pass Tour 

  • After breakfast at the hotel, the tour continued Tour of Gili Trawangan Tour which is one journey that became a highlight for Maritime Activities on the island of Lombok
  • On the way to the harbour Bangsal, enjoy the beauty of the seascape along the journey that brought us browse the seashore can be just a stop over on the Hill of Malimbu to take pictures or enjoy the beauty view
  • Arriving at the harbour Bangsal and then crossing the boat motor towards one of the three famous Gili Islands Lombok Gili Trawangan IE famous for its panoramic views and beauty of its view of the garden. And here you are free to enjoy your time to enjoy the beauty of this marine park with swimming, Snorkeling or Diving, or round-the-island by Cidomo (a typical horse Lombok) or just relax doing nothing
  • After enjoying all the natural beauty of our Gili Trawangan, tourism will come back through the Pusuk Pass that became the residence woods the ape, and always a huddle along the way
  • Today’s Tour concludes with a dinner proceeded back to the hotel and free time


Day 3 : Pusuk Pass – Air Terjun Sendang Gile

  • This tour will take us exploring the beauty of nature in the form of mountain scenery in the North of the island of Lombok, with visiting Bajur Lendang Market, one of the traditional market on Lombok who became the center of trade in the region of Mount Sari and provides a wide range of fresh fruit directly brought by farmers
  • Through the Pusuk Pass or Pusuk Forests which is one of the many rainforest in occupied by a bunch of kera-kera benign, often called its ape or Monkey Forest, we would go to a traditional village which is called the village Segenter, village Customs is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Custom Segenter this village, inhabited by native Sasak are still kept with strict daily lifestyle and architecture building meraka, where this traditional house building materials almost everything made from bamboo
  • Next we will go to the village of Bayan, a village whose inhabitants are still widely embraced a belief called Telu Islamic Time that is a blend of Hindu and Muslim beliefs and here we will visit a mosque Bayan Beleq, that Lombok’s oldest mosque dating back to the 16th century and still retains the initial architecture since its inception
  • Next we will go to Sendang Gile Waterfall one waterfall that is located in the crater of Gungung foot Rinjani to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape and coolness, peace and freshness of the air, it took about 30 minutes to the Waterfall’s location within walking distance of the place of discharge of vehicles
  • In a journey back to the hotel, we will stop at Malimbu Hill to enjoy the view of the sea and the sunset in the background background of Mount Agung in Bali


Day 4 : Mataram City Tour – End Tour Program

  • After breakfast, Check Out of the Hotel and at the continue with Mataram City Tour
  • This tour will take you down the largest provincial city on Lombok Mataram, Ampenan – city of Cakranegara connected lengthwise as far as 4 km west of ketimur which became the seat of Government, the economy and education
  • Next we will visit the temple Mayura, a Bale kambang or buildings in the middle of the middle of the pond floating deem, built in 1744 as Hindu priests meeting hall as well as a place to hold religious ceremonies
  • Next we will visit the garden of Narmada, is the Royal Garden was built in 1727 by King a. A Custom-made Karang Asem as a replica of Mount Rinjani and its crater Segara Anak, which disimbulkan with Kalasan Temple and Lake Segara muncan
  • After lunch, we cover the event was shopping by traditional Lombok, either crafts or food typical of the island. Last you will be transferred to the airport the International of Lombok, and flying to your destination. The tour is completed. Thank you and see you Again


Already Included In The Package (Include Package)

  1. Transport Car Air Conditioning
  2. Hotel 3 nights (3-star/to order)
  3. Boat crossing
  4. Halal food during the tour
  5. Guide/Guide
  6. Entrance Fee
  7. Insurance
  8. Pretty Souvenirs
  9. Photo Documentation
  10. Mineral Water During The Tour



  1. Tickets + Airport tax
  2. Events outside the itinerary
  3. Purposes of personal
  4. High Season Surcharge



  1. The payment of the Down Payment of 20%
  2. Payment can be done when the pick-up at airports
  3. Tours are flexible (can be conditioned on demand)
  4. In case of cancellation the Down Payment from the party guests who have already deposited will be returned:
    ∗   If the rihlah Sumatra have not made Hotel booking
    ∗∗ If the rihlah of Sumatra already Hotel booking down payment refunded deducted money booking hotels by attaching proof official
  5. Travel party may at any time cancel the trip if there is one thing that is beyond our power